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Epic privacy browser - Review

Are you a person taking privacy as an important aspect?
Have you wondered how to protect your privacy online?

Here comes the solution. A browser fully dedicated for privacy.

Many of us would have wanted a solution for privacy over net without bothering our browsing experience.

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The Hidden Reflex team from India developed a privacy browser which does just the thing. The Epic browser developed by them has many features which will protect your privacy. Let us have a look into it.

  • Active Do Not Track.
  • One-click anonymizing proxy.
  • Secure search
  • Wipes all browsing traces on exit.
  • Always up to date
  • Protects your privacy at every level
  • Chromium based browsing experience
Cons :
  • Not compatible with password managers.
  • Limited no of add ons available.
  • Some websites don't work, or work strangely.
  • Lacks option to change search engine.
Know more at  : epicbrowser.blogspot.in